A Series on Stewardship

October 23 – November 13, 2022

We hope you’ll come (or tune in) to worship for these four weeks so that we might grow together in our stewardship of God’s good gifts for the building of God’s kingdom in our community.

Today, we might primarily think of money when we hear the word “currency.” However, a currency is simply something that moves—travels, flows. In God’s economy, money isn’t the only, nor even the most valuable currency, but one among many. And strong, vital churches are engaging in faithful stewardship of all six of these holy currencies: relationship, time and place, gracious leadership, truth, wellness, and money.

We invite you to begin praying about the currencies you share and invest in the life of our church, and listening for how God may be calling you to commit your resources to the flourishing of St. Mark’s ministries in the year ahead.

To download an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement form, please click the button below. You may print this form out to provide a signature.

You may download it and print this pledge card to turn in during Sunday Service on November 13, or to the church office by Friday, November 18. You can also fill out the pledge card electronically and email it to: .