Well, friends, we have successfully recorded and streamed thirteen Sunday services from our sanctuary since June 28th. This has been a monumental effort by a small, yet mighty, team, and we have scaled a steep learning curve together to bring a worshipful experience that feels like St. Mark’s to you, safely at home.

This Sunday, we will be giving these volunteers and staff a much-needed break from their service. Which means, this week we will be worshiping under the leadership of our Annual Conference, focusing on the important scriptural themes of justice and peace, particularly as they relate to racism and Black Lives Matter. This worship service will be much different than what we normally experience on Sunday, and I encourage you to watch and participate with an open mind and heart, listening for the message God has for us through the diverse leadership and languages of our neighbors across the UMC, within our Annual Conference.

We are grateful for the many ways you continue to support the critical ministry of worship at St. Mark’s in this strange season, and especially for your flexibility and grace as we have learned to serve our community in a new way. While we may not yet be able to gather together for worship as we so desire, I trust that God does bind us to one another as we continue to listen for the Spirit and offer our prayers and praise.

Blessings and peace, and always in hope,
Pastor Darin