For here the saying holds true, “One sows and another reaps.” John 4:37

 One of the best parts of being appointed to a new church is getting to learn the history of the congregation and its members. Like all families, congregations tend to have foundational narratives that shape them—stories of hope and humble beginnings, of challenge met with faithfulness, of disappointment and loss, commitment and perseverance. There are always particular saints whose leadership or care or service left an indelible mark on the ministries, or campus, or community that continue to shape a congregation well into their future.

This Sunday, we will honor those saints who lived among us here at St. Mark’s, who planted seeds in this place and in our hearts that continue to bring us comfort, joy, and life. We will celebrate their lives and witness that provided for us the opportunities and shepherding we needed to grow in our own faith, and for the ways they invested in us and our hope-filled future.

I pray that as we remember them with thanksgiving, we too may be inspired to commit to and invest in the futures of those whom we are raising, both in the faith as well as in our communities. I pray that we might reflect this week upon our own actions that provide opportunities for and guide the next generations into God’s hope-filled future. How might our prayers, presence, gifts, service, or witness, be a blessing to those yet to come? And how do the blessings of our saints continue to inspire us to hope and courage in our faithfulness today?

I look forward to remembering our saints this Sunday as we worship together with gratitude and hope.

Pastor Darin