United Methodist Women


December 2018

Editor:  Debbie Abbott
President:  Judy Edelblute
St. Mark’s United Methodist Women

From the President’s Desk

Dear Sisters in Christ,
We are entering the season of Advent. We are prone  to hurry, hurry, hurry through the season of parties, gifts, concerts, and more. However, Advent is supposed to be a season of waiting and anticipation. Perhaps this is the year  to slow down and create new traditions.  We need to concentrate on honoring the Christ Child instead of trying to impress family members and friends with special gifts and fancy parties.  Do only those activities that are fun and enrich your life.  Slow down enough to relax and enjoy the holiday. May you expand your relationship with Jesus during Advent and into the New Year.Blessings to all,

World Thank Offering

A warm bed is a gift many in the world (including many in California) do not have. Add a coin for each bed in your home and give thanks when you snuggle under the covers at night.

December Circle Meetings

Tues., December 11 at 6:00 P.M.
Hostess: Hope Coleman
Location: 2845 Chicago Street
Program: Potluck Christmas Dinner
Bring underwear and unwrapped gift for Rachel’s Women’s Center.FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE
Wed., December 12, 9:30 A.M.
Meet at north parking lot at 9:15 to carpool to breakfast at Broken Yolk Restaurant
Location: 1851 Garnet Ave.
Program: Enjoy fellowship and bring paper goods for New Entra Casa as well as gifts for the children living there at this time.

Wed., December 12, 11:30 A.M.
Location: Admiral Baker Golf Course Restaurant
Program: Enjoy fellowship and bring Christmas cards for other circle members and hygiene items for CCSA.

Birthdays in December

10        Carol Hout
14        Kay Bays
15        Ashley Williams
16        Phyllis Drewett
19        Mary Ness
27        Wendy Holman

Mission Outreach Fund

New Entra Casa–New Entra Casa was founded in 1972, over 45 years ago, by the Wesleyan Service Guild. It is a residential facility for ex-offender and offender women.  They provide a place for the women to live while they learn basic life skills, problem solving skills, financial management and job searching skills to enable them to successfully re-enter society. For whatever reason, donations have dropped dramatically since the beginning of  2018 and they are currently facing a serious financial crisis.  We will be sending the MOF to New Entra Casa for this final month of 2018.

Coming Events

Dec.2, 2019 
First Sunday in Advent. Consider helping Bill Jenkins at UMC Christ Ministry Center by preparing individual hygiene kits for asylum seekers at the border. Check in the church office for the list of items for each kit or click here.
Jan.19, 2019
Local UMW Officer’s Training, Escondido UMC, keynote speaker, Kim Kelly from New Entra Casa
March 22-24, 2019 
St. Mark’s Women’s Retreat with Rev. Lydia Sohn at Pine Valley Bible Conference Center

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report


Friendship Pledge           151.00
Craft Sale                          565.00
Anonymous Gift              100.00
Gift in Memory                                                 25.00

Total Credits $841.00

Receptions                                    24.82
Gift in Memory                            25.00
District Pledge for October       500.00

Gift to Missions 25.00
District Pledge for November 500.00
MOF (New Entra Casa) 200.00
Total Debits $1,274.82
Balance of Account 11/28/18 $2,676.89