May 2023 Messenger Newsletter

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Vunitogoloa Methodist Church
Sanctuary Dedication and Opening

Last year, St. Mark’s Missions Committee supported the Vunitogoloa Methodist Church in the Vunitogoloa Village of Fiji with a grant of $3,500 to complete the rebuilding of their new sanctuary. Their first building, of wood construction, was built in 1963, and was no longer safe for regular use. The resources St. Mark’s provided allowed them to finish the 16-year project of a new, concrete block building, and funded nearly half the construction ($7,800 Fijian dollars).
Because of our congregation’s generosity, they invited Pastor Darin to attend the dedication on April 15 as a guest of honor, and to preach during their first worship service in the new sanctuary on Sunday, April 16. They wish to share their deepest gratitude for our congregation’s generosity, and their prayers of blessing for us in our lives and ministry in the years to come.