Pastor’s Letter- May 9, 2018

Dear Friends,
If you were in church on Sunday, you heard Andy Guevara, chair of the Staff-Parish Committee announce that, beginning July 1, an additional minister will join us at St. Mark’s. He read this letter from District Superintendent John Farley:

Dear Andy and the congregation of St. Mark’s UMC, On behalf of Bishop Grant Hagiya and his Cabinet I share with you that after much prayer and consultation, it is Bishop Grant Hagiya’s intent to appoint the Rev. Lydia Sohn to serve on your pastoral team effective July 1, 2018. Rev. Lydia is a gifted pastor who has been a part of the life and ministry of the California-Pacific Conference for many years. Rev. Lydia is a spirit filled leader and preacher with a rich experience in worship, outreach, innovative focused small group ministries, preaching, and stewardship. As a church leader and developer, she is uniquely gifted to help lead St Mark’s UMC into an era of vibrant growth. Rev. Lydia will work together with Rev. Craig and Rev. Jeri along with your lay leadership over the coming year for a smooth and effective ministry transition. On behalf of our Bishop, I thank you for your faithfulness and ask you to hold these fine pastors and their families in your prayers during this time of change.

Uh-oh. “Time of change.” What does THAT mean? It means two things. Most important, it means that St. Mark’s is making a significant and creative investment in its future. In the coming year, Rev. Lydia will be spending almost all of her time beginning a project or projects to reach people we are not currently reaching. The second thing it means is that, if this coming year goes well, I plan to retire and Rev. Lydia will become Senior Minister, continuing the vital work of positioning St. Mark’s for vibrant growth. Rev. Lydia is a very personable, energetic, sensitive, strong, and inspiring young leader, and we will all be blessed by her work with us.

See you in church!