Dear Friends-

I’ll tell you what, even in quarantine, St. Mark’s knows how to throw a party.

On Monday, members of the I/We and Education teams set up a festive “Roadside Rally” in our parking lot, complete with bright and heartfelt signs, balloons and flags, cool and colorful Otter Pops(!), and welcoming, happy faces. It felt good to prepare a space for all of you, even if it was just for a moment, to visit through the rolled down windows of your cars.

Our youngest visitor was 4 months old, and our eldest, well… I’m not one to tell… (plus ninety-some, let’s say), with a whole host in-between. When asked what you all love most about St. Marks’, 90% said the people/community/family. And we felt it, too!

This Sunday would typically be a big “Welcome Back” Sunday, kicking off fall programs for Sunday School and music, catching up with those who have been away for the summer, and enjoying one another’s company in the not-yet-cooler weather. And though our celebrations may take a different shape this year, we will continue to seek opportunities to gather safely, to connect to one another in meaningful ways, and to celebrate this community of faith that encourages, nourishes, and sustains us in every season.

We are truly blessed to know this gift of belonging with and to one another as a community of faith at St. Mark’s. Thank you for making it so.

In hope,
Pastor Darin