Dear friends,

Welcome to September, the beginning of so many new things.  There are new classrooms for teachers and students, and new routines for work and school.  There are new opportunities at the church, a new equinox, and delicious warm flavors at Starbucks! ☕  Amid the welcoming of all these things, and so much more, there is also a sense of letting go of treasured things; things like longer daylight hours, freedom from routines, familiar things in the church, and those fabulous bright flavors at Starbucks. 🥤

Change can be hard as we move from familiar things that help ground us to things that seem foreign and disorienting. But change happens to
everyone every day. The sun rises and sets at different times each day.  The routines of summer are never exactly the same.  The things we
remember are not so easily remembered, and the flavors of Starbucks are not always as we remember them. 🙁  It is easy to slip into romanticizing the things we remember when we feel disoriented instead of looking
forward to seeing what new things God has in store for us.

This past week, my husband Tom and I went on a short vacation in a remote area with almost no external lighting to obscure the natural starlight. I was reminded that my vision of God’s work is often obscured by things around me. The Milky Way is always there but I need to move from the distractions of the city and its myriad of lights to see the splendor of the night sky which God provides. 🌃  Yet, even stars change.  Stars that were created billions of years ago are now burning or burned out, yet we haven’t noticed because it’s not our time to see it.  But God has noticed, and God calls us to be watchful as God continues to bring about change. 

Our passage this week comes from Jeremiah 18:1-11.  In this passage God tells Jerimiah to go to the potter’s house and wait for God’s words to be revealed to him.  God tells Jeremiah that things will change, but in that change, God is not silent or absent.  Today, God is still revealing God’s plan.  Be ready. Change will come. And if you want to meet me at
Starbucks for warm or cold pumpkin beverage, let me know.  🙂

See you in church,