Dear Friends—

When I was little, I loved to tumble. I loved the feeling of flipping and generally being upside down. I have vivid memories of frightening a friend’s mom by doing arials on concrete sidewalks. (That’s cartwheels without hands.) While she feared I would crack my head open, I had every confidence in myself to land my tricks successfully. (It was also pretty fun to surprise her.)

As I grew older, I learned consciously what I must have known instinctively back then– that having faith in yourself to complete the task was an important step in learning a new skill. Certainly, it wasn’t more important than building the muscles or practicing in a safe environment, but once you were running full speed down the mat, fear of failing could undermine all the best practice and land you in a puddle of limbs.

As people of faith, we will likely be called to places and actions that may be outside our comfort zones or even best reason. We will likely be challenged to learn new skills of compassionate empathy or humble sacrifice. And while we may not yet feel complete confidence in ourselves to take these steps in faith—to step out of the security of the boat onto the surface of the sea—with confidence in God working in and through us, we may just accomplish what we thought impossible. We may just see our greatest hopes realized.

I’m grateful to share in this faith-strengthening work together, and look forward to seeing how God will use us next.

In hope,

Pastor Darin