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Dear Friends,

The message this week is based on a passage from Luke in the Bible.  Since (according to tradition) Luke was a physician, it’s quite fitting that the story describes a woman who was chronically ill for some 18 years. More importantly it describes Jesus as caring about her and healing her ailment.

I have twin sisters Kay and Kim. My youngest sister Kim was born with severe scoliosis as well as scar tissue that bends her legs making normal walking somewhat difficult and always a challenge. Early surgeries didn’t really help. Braces proved ineffective.

Really though it hardly mattered. Kim has always been the more athletic and active of the twins. From an early age she ran, bowed legs and all. She delighted in climbing trees and hanging like a monkey. A twisted and bent spine didn’t deter Kim from engaging in play and an active lifestyle. She loves physical labor and has always kept a positive attitude. Can you tell I’m a proud big brother?!

I’d like to say Kim and Kay have become America’s Ninja Warriors… but alas nothing like that. They are however loving women who persevere in their lives and shine with a childlike faith.

Every one faces challenges and I believe that God’s grace is sufficient for us.

The end of today’s Gospel narrative describes how observers marveled … probably at both, Jesus’ power and his courage to challenge the religious traditions in his society.

May God give us power and wisdom to reflect love and a profound care for all humankind.

Together in love,

Tom Davis