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Dear St. Mark’s, 

Boy, do we have a treat in store for you! The Rev. Mark
Trotter will be the guest preacher for this upcoming Sunday. Rev. Mark served as the Senior Minister of the largest church in the California-Pacific Conference, First United Methodist Church of San Diego, from 1976 to 2000 and is well-known in the area for his graceful pastoral care and
fantastic preaching. People all over San Diego would tune into the radio on Sunday mornings to hear his sermons!

Another fun fact: he was actually our former Senior Minister, Craig Dorval’s mentor, and the father of former St. Mark’s Senior Minister, Martha Wingfield. He has a strong
connection to this place and it is our joy to welcome him.
Below is his letter about the sermon this upcoming Sunday. 

Much love, Rev. Lydia

Rev. Mark Trotter

“I am privileged  to be a pulpit guest at St. Mark’s. I have fond memories of worshipping with you during the years our daughter and son-in-law, Martha and Myron Wingfield, were your pastors. During that time I also enjoyed being a guest preacher one occasion. 

The text for this Sunday is Luke 12:13-21, Jesus’ encounter with a man who demands that Jesus, who is looked upon by the crowd as a rabbi, and therefore an expert in the Law, settle a dispute between the man and his brother over
property. This leads Jesus to tell the parable of the man who hoarded so much money he spent his life building more barns to house his possessions. The title, ‘From Success to Significance.’ “