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Dear friends,

Over the past few years I have been part of many Interfaith events where the various participants have offered prayers.  These prayers, some of which I don’t understand, have stirred my spirit to join with the spirits of all those in attendance regardless our faith traditions or languages. 

Prayers are offered in as many forms as there are people who pray. Some prayers are simple while some are deeply theological, some are traditional, and some are just a deep sigh for which God alone understands.  Yet all prayers are offered as a way for the soul to connect with the One who is present and attentive to our individual and collective needs. We may not agree on how to express our prayers, but God is greater than our judgments and hears every form of prayer offered, even the ones said just because they are expected.

This Sunday we will hear and reflect on Luke 11: 1-13 where a disciple asks Jesus to teach them to pray as John taught his disciples.  Jesus offers them a prayer which has become familiar to many as the Lord’s Prayer.  Whether you are familiar with this prayer or are learning it for the first time, I hope you’ll be open to how the Spirit of God will connect with you in a different way when we pray it together.

I look forward to praying with and for you.

Peace and grace,