My mother taught me many things.

When I was still in elementary school she taught me to thread her Singer sewing machine, and carefully cut and sew fabric from patterns she let me choose myself. When I was 15, she was the one who mostly supervised my training hours behind the wheel before I got my driver’s license. When I began babysitting twins, she taught me how to swaddle them tightly enough to help them feel safe and (mercifully) fall back asleep.

I seem to have learned much more from her unintentionally, also: the way I hold my hands when I lead worship and the voice I use in prayer; how I respond to conflict and, now, cry when something is exceedingly beautiful; how I don’t know how to give any less than my best, and should try to see things from the other person’s point of view.

Jesus models for us that being raised in faith is similar to growing into adulthood. He teaches us and demonstrates for us how to live in loving relationship with one another so that we may become more like him and empower others in God’s love by our life and witness.

As we approach Mother’s Day, remembering the empowering love of all who have invested their teaching and guidance in our lives, may we remember our call as well: to nurture others into mature gifts and faith and love, so they too may bear fruit for God’s kingdom here.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Darin