Dear friends,

Music has been a part of my life since I can remember.  I listened to a wide variety of music growing up, I sang in school and church choirs and even took piano lessons.  But my mother believed one of my great musical talents was to take a song and create new lyrics.  I would take a song and rhyme different words to the tune.  They could be funny or insightful depending on what was going on at that moment.  She said I had a way with words.  It was great encouragement for me to keep thinking creatively which made us laugh or change the perspective when times were tough while raising a teenage girl.  And raising a teenage girl can be tough. I know, I was there.  Yet, because of her encouragement I still enjoy lyric transformation.  I even taught my son, Adam how to do this. My husband, Tom is okay, but I still take the prize in the family. 😊

God instills creativity in everyone.  Some people weave intricate fabrics, some cultivate lush gardens, and some design buildings.  However, some people say they do not have a creative bone in their body, but I think it could be they are anxious to try something different.  Maybe they were negatively critiqued about something they did and then conclude they are not any good at whatever it was.  Imagine if a young Michelangelo decided he could not sculpt, or Monet decided he could not paint water lilies.  Creativity, like so many other things needs to be nurtured.  Rarely is anyone born a Mozart or Paul Erdös.  Most creative people are nurtured by others.

In my work with St. Mark’s preschool students I get to watch their artistic talents grow over time.  What begins as finger painting becomes a mixture of various artistic creations over the course of a few years. I am grateful for the teachers and others who encourage these budding artisans to continue exploring and developing their creative talents.  Not everyone will paint a masterpiece, but everyone is encouraged to do their best in many creative ways.

Psalm 98 begins Sing to the Lord a new song because he has done wonderful things!  What if each of us consider a new way to praise the Lord and tell of God’s wonderful work in our lives?  What would that be like?  Not just singing hymns but finding a new way to praise God.  Changing words. Using a variety of methods in new ways to convey God’s wonderful work which is  going on in that moment.  I hope this week you will consider how you can share your joy in the Lord as we continue living life in these times.  You might just be the encouragement and masterpiece someone needs to experience.

See you on Sunday and until then, sing to the Lord a new song because God is doing wonderful things!