Happy Easter!

I’m delighted to have entered into the Easter Season with such a joyful weekend. On Saturday, we celebrated with more than 30 families from the Nursery School with a guided scavenger hunt on our campus, and a drive-thru pancake breakfast that served over 160 meals. On Sunday, close to 50 members gathered at the South Clairemont Community Park at sunrise to greet the Risen Christ and welcome new members into our family of faith. Between our two services on Sunday, we welcomed five new members into our congregation, and two babies into the Christian Church in baptism. We had a few new faces in our midst, sharing not only in fellowship, but service, too. The Spirit is at work among us. Thanks be to God!

In this Easter Season (which is a full fifty days), may we continue to keep our gaze lifted to see the signs and assurances of new life among us. Whether it be the celebrations of our fruitful ministries with young people that continue to provide nurturing and fun spaces for children to grow in friendship and faith, or the falling numbers of COVID infections that bring hope for healthier and more joy-filled days ahead, there are hopeful signs of new life all around us.

This week, we also celebrate God’s call in young leaders that will sustain the ministries of our church into the future. Our Young People’s Ministry Director, Amanda Grimm-Schmitt, is journeying through the discernment process of candidacy for ordained ministry, and is about to finish her first year of seminary at Claremont School of Theology. We are grateful for her committed and thoughtful leadership with our youth, but also, this Sunday, for leading us in worship as our preacher. It is a privilege to journey with those who are called by God to leadership in Christ’s Church, and to provide nurturing formation for their future service. I pray you will welcome Amanda to our St. Mark’s pulpit, and listen for the message God uses her to share with us.

With Easter joy,

Pastor Darin