Dear friends,

The traditional greeting and response during this Easter Season is CHRIST IS RISEN!  CHRIST IS RISEN INDEED!

On Easter Sunday people all over the world celebrated in ways previously unimagined.  There was a rise in telecasting while church pews remain empty.  There was a rise in family interaction while schools and businesses are being shuttered.  There was a rise in volunteering to care for the vulnerable while some store shelves remain empty.  All this to say, CHRIST IS RISEN!  CHRIST IS RISEN INDEED!  Only Jesus could bring forth life, life in abundance, from what some people say is a time of complete devastation.

For some, Jesus’s resurrection is hard to believe because they may not have personally experienced it.  For them it is easier to believe in that nothing good could come of this time in our lives.  That death and financial destruction from the coronavirus and COVID-19 will scar our world forever. Author Daniel Defoe wrote in his 1726 book, The Political History of The Devil, “Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believ’d.”  For some, this is their truth.

But I would offer an alternative truth that life does rise from outwardly dead situations as we witness daffodils springing up from the cold, hard earth. We see more people volunteering time and giving
personal resources so that others will have something to tide them over.  And my lawn, my lawn is lush with weeds that are growing with gusto despite having been pulled a season ago.  This is life! This is resurrection!

This coming Sunday at 9 AM, Reverend Lydia and I will again livestream from PB UMC.  To view the service, go to  I will be preaching on the revival of our spirits as we continue to
isolate during this Easter Season.  We will look at John 20:19-31, a familiar passage to many of you, as we imitate the disciples who are locked in their house fearing what is outside.  But I offer you these words of the risen Christ, “Peace be with you.”

 Let it be so,


 P.S.  Here is a suggestion from a church member – What if everyone picked up the church directory to give the person above and below their name a phone call to just say hi and check in on them.
Imagine the new or deeper relationships that could rise from this act of love.
  If you don’t have a church directory, please contact the office at .  We will be happy to assist you.