There are certain texts in our gospel that are more difficult to understand than others. A virgin conceives a son. A man, blind from birth, receives his sight. A crowd of 5000 is fed with two fish and five loaves. Water turned into wine.   This week, we hear again the story of Jesus and his disciples James and John, ascended to a mountaintop, where they encounter the mystery of Jesus, transfigured. He is actually glowing; shining in divine glory. Moses and Elijah also appear, and God speaks to all: “This is my son. Listen to him.”   Last week, Michelle Herman told me told me a story about how Luke, her son, was singing “Happy Birthday” to God. When she asked him why to God, he said, “I just really wish I could see him.” To which she told him a secret: God is in every person he sees. He scrunched his face, looking back and squinting.   There are times when it feels like, despite our best searching, God is nowhere to be seen. And other times, it feels as if God’s transfigured presence is engulfing us like sunlight. And other times, still, we may have closed our eyes, or simply busied ourselves with human tasks or human fears, so that whether shining in glory or simply standing before us in the image of our neighbor, we forget the closeness of God.    This Sunday, I look forward to worshiping with you, and remembering together this story of God’s mysterious revelation of love given to us in Jesus, the Son. May we, also, listen for his voice, and seek his face.   See you Sunday,     Pastor Darin