Dear friends,

I remember as a very young girl wearing my Brownie uniform and sitting in a circle learning songs about friends of silver and gold and about something in my pocket.  If you were a Brownie or Girl Scout, you might be humming those songs with a reflective smile on your face.  As I grew up, I bridged into Girl Scouts we did a
variety of things, like Wendy Ward charm classes, camping and hiking Fat Man’s Misery in Torrey Pines, and we made treasured gifts for our parents.  One of these gifts sits on my desk here at church.

After GS, I, along with my girlfriends, bridged into Cadettes where Mrs. Meyers was our leader.  My friend, Cheryl Meyers and I did our best to stay focused on what her mom was teaching us, but after one meeting Cheryl and I were told we could not come back because we were too disruptive.  Imagine being kicked out of
Cadettes along with the troop leader’s daughter.  Now that was a badge of honor!  Cheryl and I laughed about how ‘horrid’ we were long after we became adults.  It was probably that badge of honor which helped me to become a Den Leader when my son, Adam was a Cub Scout.  No child would be kicked out of our Den or the Pack because they were disruptive, although little Joe C. came close.

This Sunday we celebrate Scout Sunday.  We will also honor the faith, study, and actions of Morgan Bossen, a Webelo, by awarding him his religious emblem and merit badge, God and Family. In the past several months Morgan has shown himself to be a Scout who is “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” For those who do not know it, this the Scout Law.   Every Scout learns it and is encouraged to live it on a daily basis by doing a good turn every day.

This is something that Jesus talks about in the passage from Matthew that I’ll be preaching on this Sunday (Matthew 5:13-20).  We are to be the salt of the earth.  We are to be a light in the world.  Like Jesus, we are to fulfill the Law, the Commandments of God, every day, not just when it is convenient or easy.

I hope you’ll come to church for the message, but if not for that please come to support Morgan Bossen, an emerging leader in world.  And if you get a bit disruptive during church don’t worry, you won’t be sent home.

See you in church,