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Dear friends,

It is with great joy that we welcome Reverend Bill Jenkins back to St. Mark’s to preach this Sunday.  Many of you know about his continued work with asylum seekers, refugees, and immigration issues across the southern border.  Rev. Jenkins, through Christ United Methodist Ministry Center and with the help of Immigration Control Enforcement, hosted over 7,500 people who have crossed over the Mexico/San Diego border in the past three years.  What started as a wave in 2016 became a tsunami of threatened and displaced people seeking a better life in the United States.  The concept of not doing anything was not an option to Pastor Bill or the ministry center.  Christ Ministry Center is the only immigrant welcoming shelter in Southern California. San Ysidro, one of three ports of entry in the area, is the busiest land border crossing in the western hemisphere.

Pastor Bill not only talks the talk but also walks the walk as he has opened his heart and home to a refugee child who calls him Papa.  In this picture you can see Happy Harry, as he is known, is helping his “Papa” preach the message of welcoming the stranger.  The following words from Pastor Bill will give you a glimpse into his message this week. 

The Rev. Bill Jenkins, gives the sermon during worship at Exodus United Methodist Church In San Diego while holding his foster son Harry, who is from Haiti. The church is the only immigrant-welcoming center in Southern California. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

“With all the attention on borders these days, maybe it is time for us to look at a border we will all cross, sooner or later.  That is the border between this life and the next.  Matthew 25 gives us a remarkably candid look into “Heaven’s Immigration Policy”. Nothing can be more important than this, for it determines where we spend eternity.

Heaven’s Immigration Policy has six components. I will share how we all can be prepared to answer to how we qualify (or don’t qualify) for each essential component.

Sheep or Goats. Heaven or Hell. This is important stuff. Hope you can join us.”

Join us this Sunday, August 11, as we welcome Rev. Bill Jenkins to St. Mark’s.

In peace,