He himself was not the light, but he came to testify to the light. – John 1:8 

I know there are scientists (and even just very intelligent people) who understand the mechanics of light. That it is both a wave and a particle. That it can be directed and focused, but no amount of darkness can overcome it completely without the aid of obstructions. That it is a main source of life for some living creatures, and that even humans are enriched simply by its presence. 

And, while we know where to locate the light-switches, or how to strike a match, or which times of day we might get our daily natural dose, we, ourselves are not the source. 

In our world, we experience the benefits and blessings of God’s grace and mercy and fellowship each and every day, and perhaps it becomes so commonplace that we can easily forget that we, ourselves, are not the source. That while our very lives are enriched by these gifts, and we have learned to direct them, or focus them, or even obstruct them, we too are merely witnesses. We have been created to bear these gifts—this Light—to the world, but there is one who is coming, and in fact who has come, who scatters all our fears and illuminates the way through our uncertainty. 

As this season of anticipation continues, may we ever keep watch for God’s Light breaking in, and remember our capacity, by God’s grace, to reflect this Light to all who wait in darkness. 

Advent blessings,
Pastor Darin