Dear friends,

You are in for a real treat this week. The children will be performing a musical that our very own music director, Frank Williams, wrote and directed. Additionally, I will be preaching a sermon on love. This upcoming Sunday, we light the candle of love. Love, they say, is the most important of all. Love is the force that heals the world, breaks down our walls, and connects us with one another. Love is everything. It is the whole purpose of life and the source of our joy.

But here’s the thing. We do not believe this. If we did, we in this world would act very differently than we act now. We do not prioritize love in our lives. We prioritize power, money, status, and our egos. Love is a lot less flashy than those things. It’s humble, quiet, requires a steady commitment and in many ways, a death to our egos.

The gospel passage for Sunday is all about the truth coming disguised, where only people with wisdom and open hearts can perceive it. Most everybody else expects answers and solutions in the form of power, money, status, and heightened egos. But the way of our Lord comes in a completely different form–through love.

I invite you to come out this Sunday as we continue to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord this Advent season, by further opening our hearts and minds to see the truth of who our God really is and how different our God’s ways are from the ways of this world.

Much love to all of you,

Rev. Lydia