Dear friends,

Here we are in Advent, the beginning of a new church year.  Unlike our Gregorian calendar year, this new year doesn’t begin with merriment, parties, or parades. Instead we begin by waiting with longing hearts.  And in this year, it seems even more so.

I write this letter on Sunday night after Tom and I went to Point Loma Lighthouse to wait for the sunset and a moonrise.  It seemed fitting on this Advent to close the Sabbath with golden sun light and embrace this new season with the bright light of a full moon.

As our daylight hours grow shorter, we know that there is light in the darkness.  God’s light sparkles even in the gloom that may seek to envelop us. We are never left without God’s radiance. Although we may not always see it, God’s light is here – here in the words of Scripture, the greeting of a neighbor, the signature on a card.  We are not alone. God is here.

This Wednesday, Dec. 2, and again on Dec. 9, Diane Moreno and I will be hosting a gathering for those who feel a shadow of grief surrounding them.  This grief may be due to the loss of a loved one, the sadness of isolation, the anxiety of a diagnosis, or grief of any other sort.  These gatherings are designed to connect you to God and one another.  Please call the church office for the Zoom link (858-273-1480).  We will begin at 6:30 PM.

In addition, each Monday during Advent, St. Mark’s will offer other events to connect you to God and one another. Each event will begin at 7 PM.  Zoom information will be emailed to everyone on our MailChimp list.

Dec 7: Evening Communion and Prayers for the World
Dec 14: St. Mark’s Favorite Holiday Memories
Dec 21: Longest Night Service

During this season of Advent, I pray each of you will see God’s light in your life.