Dear Friends –

You know what?  We’re going to talk about money again this week.  I know- some of you are saying you want  inspiration on Sunday, not talk about money. I hope that means you want to learn or be reminded of how Jesus says we should live. Well, surprise, surprise!  Jesus talked about money almost as much as he talked about how God loves us and wants us to love each other.  Just think of all the stories he told and how many of them relate to the use of  money – even if that wasn’t the focus of the story.  Take the story of the Good Samaritan and  how he showed his love for his neighbor.  He gave money for his care.  When we become followers of Christ our whole lives take on a new focus – including how we get and spend our money.

From the time I was a very young child, I knew I could help my church do its job for God by giving money.  At first my parents gave me a nickel to put in to the offering.  When I was old enough for an allowance, I was expected to continue the practice.  I got 10 cents a week (remember, this was during the Great Depression) and I gave a nickel to the church each Sunday.  That was not a tithe – but 50%!  But I didn’t question it  I don’t think I knew what a tithe was then!  And for those who don’t know, a tithe is one tenth (10%) of one’s earnings.  At one time the tithe was a tax for the support of the church and clergy.

I also have a vivid memory of seeing my father sit at his desk on Saturday and put money in an envelope. When I asked what he was doing,  he said he was getting our offering ready for the church,  which told me the church was very important to him.  Parents, talk with your children about your feelings about the church and how important it is to support it’s ministry.  If you don’t get envelopes in the mail and would like some, just let me know!

Between now and Sunday, think about the church and it’s place in your life. I look forward to joining with you as we dedicate our pledges for the coming year.