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Dear St. Mark’s:

I am so happy to share that we are welcoming long time St. Mark’s member, Bob McMeekin, to the pulpit this upcoming Sunday.

Lay preaching has a strong and foundational history in the Methodist Church. One of the reasons why the Methodist movement grew so fast in early America was because of lay people, who took up the mantle of their spiritual gifts and shared their love of God with others through Bible studies, preaching and social justice work.

Bob McMeekin has preached here at St. Mark’s before, so for those of you who remember, you are the lucky ones with a taste of what is to come!¬†Bob will focus on the gospel lectionary passage for this Sunday, Luke 17:11-19, where Jesus heals 10 lepers but only one returns to express gratitude.

Bob will focus on this notion of gratitude, especially in the midst of our challenging lives. Throughout his many decades of life, Bob himself has witnessed fellow congregants pass away or experience illnesses. How is it that we can continue to say, “thank you, God”? As so many of us have experienced pain beyond words, how is it that we can still bow before Jesus with heartfelt thanks? Bob will offer reflections on such questions and struggles. I hope you come join us on Sunday to listen in.

Much love,

Rev. Lydia