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Dear St. Mark’s,

I am honored to once again welcome Rev. Mark Trotter back to the pulpit this upcoming Sunday. For those of you who are not familiar with Rev. Trotter, he was the Senior Pastor of one of the largest United Methodist Churches in California, First United Methodist Church of San Diego for over 20 years, and retired in 2000. Among the many gifts he is known across the country for, is his preaching. Other interesting facts about him that connect him to St. Mark’s is that he mentored our former minister, Rev. Craig Dorval, when he served as Associate Minister at First United Methodist Church of San Diego alongside Rev. Trotter. Additionally, Rev. Trotter’s daughter, Rev. Martha Wingfield, served as St. Mark’s minister for many years! Below is his preacher’s letter to give you a taste of what’s to come:

I am pleased to be with you again in your Sunday worship. My visits over the years have made St. Mark’s a familiar and inspiring place to worship. In fact that is what I want to talk about in the sermon this Sunday, the text is from 2 Timothy, a largely unfamiliar scripture, but I have found in it what I hope will shed light on what it means to be Christian, and a member of the Church, in a time that increasingly cares little about religion. I would like to share with you the insight I received from Paul’s letter to Timothy who may have been facing a similar dilemma.

See you soon,

Rev. Mark Trotter