Yesterday, I discovered in my inbox at church two Christmas cards. Both of them were completely unexpected, from people I have known and felt kinship with from different chapters of my life. Each sender, no longer having an up-to-date address for me, sought out the address for St. Mark’s of their own accord in order to demonstrate a continued sense of connection between us. The most precious kindness.

This comes on the heels of a few texts and calls this Christmas that had me reflecting on all of the incredible people I have known and loved because of our shared membership in this one body, the Church. Remembering some of their names and faces, I was suddenly overwhelmed with both gratitude and grief. I have been truly blessed to know each one, and there will never be time enough to continue to cultivate all the relationships as they once were.

I think the Church is supposed to be like this, though. Like infinite waves crashing on the shore, never one just like the other, but always another one on the way. Like infinite cells that serve an important purpose—creating hand and foot, eye and heart—but always regenerating and making space for another one to grow in service to the one body.

We have passed this love on, one from another, since Jesus was first declared “beloved” by our Creator at his baptism. And, we live on in this legacy, bound to one another through our own cleansing, blessing, and calling in this sacrament. Although we may be distanced this Sunday, may our remembrance of our baptism be an overwhelming reminder of the blessing of our connection, this day and always, to one another, and especially to our loving God.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Darin