Dear St. Mark’s,

This upcoming Sunday, we learn about two important characters in the gospels, Simeon and Anna. These are two people who confirm the true identity of Jesus very early on, when he’s just a small child.

What is interesting about Simeon and Anna is that though¬†they are described as holy and important prophets, they themselves are not the messiah — they are simply people who prepare and help others prepare for the messiah.

Have you ever been a person who prepared the way for another? Or have there been people in your life who have prepared the way for you?

Many of you may not be surprised that while James ended up being my husband, I had several boyfriends before him. Some of those breakups were definitely hard but after I met James, I thanked those ex-boyfriends in my mind constantly because my experiences with them prepared me to be a better partner for the one who actually became my husband.

I’ll continue to explore this idea of preparing and being prepared for this Sunday as well as share some important news with all of you about my own role as a preparer. I hope you will come out for this. Plus, it’s Communion Sunday so it can’t get any better than that!

Until then, have a wonderful, wonderful week.

In this together,
Rev. Lydia