Dear St. Mark’s,

My sermon title for this week may seem silly. It’s entitled, “Does Jesus Call Women Too?” I say it’s silly because most of us at St. Mark’s would respond, “um, of course!” You all are used to female leaders and I’m far from being the first female minister at this church.

Suffice it to say however, that answer has not been obvious throughout the ages, and I would dare say, most of Christian history. There are still many Christian circles that believe God limits women from certain ministries, such as ordination, preaching, and teaching.

This week’s gospel passage comes to us from Matthew, where Jesus calls his first disciples. One of the biggest arguments I heard against the ordination of women was that all of Jesus’ disciples were men.

Well, I’ve got an answer for that, which I’ll share this Sunday, which also happens to be United Methodist Women’s Sunday. On UMW Sunday, we get the pleasure of celebrating the work of United
Methodist women who have worked for justice and compassion across the entire globe for over 150 years. That’s right, they were doing this work even before they were allowed to be ordained, much less have any kind of public authority in the church.

What an extraordinary legacy to celebrate and pass on in every single one of our lives today. I hope you’ll come out this Sunday to celebrate and learn with me.

In this together,

Rev. Lydia