Dear Church,

As a busy and productive person by nature, the Mary and Martha passage in Luke 10:38-42 has always disturbed me. How can it be that Jesus would praise Mary’s lazy behavior when Martha is slaving away and taking care of chores in the house? Possibly even making food for this guest who is criticizing her! 

But if there is one lesson I have learned over and over again throughout my adult life, is that my busy-ness and productivity have often prevented the loved ones in my life from being loved. This has been especially true with my 3-year-old. He honestly does not care if our house is clean, if the dinner is well-prepared, or if our finances are in order. The only thing he cares about, the only thing that makes him feel cherished is my undivided. attention. for. him. 

We don’t change all that much as we age. Let’s talk more about this idea this Sunday. 

Until then, much love. 

Rev. Lydia