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Dear friends,

The other week my husband and I saw the film The Biggest Little Farm.  In this film a couple decide to take a leap of faith and begin a journey of a lifetime.  Little did they know what an unusual journey their decision would take them on.   Yet that is usually what happens when we follow our dreams, we go on amazing journeys filled with joys and sorrows.

Our scripture this coming week from 2 Kings is also about someone taking a leap of faith. Naaman, the commander of an army has the respect of the king, but he also has leprosy.  His one dream is to be rid of the disease he is afflicted with and this sends him on a journey filled with joy and sorrow. 

Life has always been filled with joys and sorrows.  The Bible is filled such events, yet we are still taken by surprise when they happen to us.  We become dismayed, elated, dismayed, and elated again all because we are part of this grand adventure called life.  Thankfully we are not alone in this
adventure; we are God’s people and God does not abandon us.  Life will always be filled with joys and sorrows, but God promises to faithfully love and provide for us.  Sometimes we have to look beyond our own expectations to see how God is working, and when we do, we will see God’s work on our behalf. 

This Sunday you are invited to come to church, no matter how you feel, as we share God’s message of hope.  Afterwards we will give thanks for God’s provisions as we share Holy Communion together.  Everyone is invited. 
Everyone is welcomed.  Everyone is included.  Come, let’s share this amazing journey of life together.