For this upcoming Sunday, we have two lectionary readings that focus on the power of the holy spirit. It is timely that these two readings should be placed here considering that we are now in the Easter season. Jesus has been crucified and resurrected but not with us in the same way that he was
before his crucifixion. The role of the Holy Spirit then, becomes much more prominent as it is Jesus’ presence continually with us. 

Those of us who have attended church for any significant amount of time in our lives knows that the Holy Spirit is always with us and ready to guide us whenever we need her (or even when we don’t call out for her!). But how much do we actually sense her presence and try to connect with her? How often do we consult with her on major life decisions, broken hearts, or just in mundane everyday life moments? I confess that I don’t seek her out very much and I need to remind myself continually of her presence and readiness to help me in my life. I also admit that when I do seek her out, her help is unbelievable. 

Come out this Sunday to reflect upon together how we can invite the Holy Spirit to participate in our lives more and more. 

In This Together, 
Rev. Lydia