From the Pastor 3-12-19

Dear Friends,

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer it includes this petition “Give us this day our daily bread.” For many people their daily bread is not a guaranteed commodity.  As I look around my neighborhood and the neighborhoods around me, I see adults and children sitting on the streets, standing in lines, and going to school facing food scarcity. For many of us, we have the luxury of planning and shopping for meals, packaging up left overs, and in some cases, tossing them out when they are left in the refrigerator too long.  I include myself in this class of people.   However, this past week I witnessed the body of Christ coming together to provide food for the hungry in two different, yet life affirming ways.  

On Friday, I saw food move between an agency with surplus to an agency in need, as Community Christian Service Agency (CCSA) offered Christ Ministry Center (CMC) boxes of fresh produce that would spoil if not consumed.  When I visited CMC on Monday, I saw two boxes of fresh oranges set out for the residents and guests of CMC to get their fill.    

This past Sunday, I saw over 50 people come together in collaboration with Rise Against Hunger (RAH) and package 10,152 meals for neighbors in other regions.  People of all ages and stages worked together for people they would never meet to help fulfill the prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  And following the RAH event, together we shared in warm pizza and delicious salad before leaving St. Mark’s.

The prayer that Jesus taught the disciples is a mainstay of our Christian faith. Through it we find direction for our lives; who we worship and how we are called to live.  The Lord’s Prayer has guided the life and people of St. Mark’s for 65 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.  The breaking and sharing of bread is just a part of our tradition.

This Sunday we will celebrate St. Mark’s 65 anniversary.  We will remember the early days of the campus when it was an airfield and how we have soared into this new millennium through and with the love of Christ.  We will enjoy Sloppy Joes and side dishes while reminiscing our legacy and pondering our future.  Whatever St. Mark’s does in the future, I’m sure there will be food involved.  Thanks be to God!

See you in church,