Dear co-workers of our faith,

A couple of years ago, Rev. Craig (our senior minister at the time) called me into his office and shut the door. I gulped wondering, did I goof somewhere? In a flash moment I wished I wouldn’t have put myself ‘out there’ at the church, risking visible errors. My face felt flushed.

But our conversation was nothing of the sort, though just as dumbfounding. Rev. Craig and I chatted a few minutes and then he said to me, “Karen, I want to thank you for your leadership here at St. Mark’s.”

“Leadership?” I questioned, loudly. “I’m not a leader! I just do what I do!” We both sat stupefied! His dazed expression said, but of course you are, surely you know this? And I sat equally befuddled that he thought so.

This coming Sunday I will be in the pulpit as your certified lay minister proclaiming leadership of a different sort, that of Zerubabbel, Joshua, and Cyrus. I will ask you, does God desire a temple? These fellahs all
contributed to the rebuilding of the great Temple at Jerusalem after Jews returned from Babylonian exile. Cyrus the Great provided building funds and returned the looted sacred vessels. Do you know he’s mentioned over 20 times in the Bible? Isaiah 45:1 refers to him as “the Lord’s anointed.” But Cyrus was not a Jew, he was just willing to listen to the prompting of God and act on it.

Prompting! A nudge from the Lord. Ever find yourself debating one of these and guilt pushes you to one side or the other of that proverbial fence? God leaves his church in our hands and commands our keeping of it, but without guilt. Money aside. What we personally give to St. Mark’s varies by our temperaments and talents. Look around: Notice what
people are doing.

Paul, in his letters to New Testament churches, tells them, “I thank God for you.”  If by chance I have lead you in any way over 45 years of service and stewardship to St. Mark’s, well, I thank God for you.

See ya Sunday!

Karen Scanlon
Member of our beloved St. Mark’s