Christian Believer – Knowing God with Heart and Mind Study & Discussion Group

Christian-Believer-banner_no-ButtonAre you looking for more understanding about the Christian Faith? Rev. Jeri will facilitate Christian Believer, Knowing God with Heart and Mind beginning on Thursday, January 8th and running through September 17th.

This is different from a traditional Bible Study as participants focus on what the church teaches and believes regarding various life questions. Christian Believer invites the participant to read a variety of biblical texts and theological writings regarding Christian traditions and doctrine, what the church teaches and believes. Together we will explore our current thoughts in light of writings by theologians throughout the ages, gaining a sense that Christians before us have wrestled with some of the same issues of belief that Christians wrestle with today. Participants will engage in daily readings, prayer and meet for conversation with other Christian Believers on a weekly basis.

The class will meet on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the New Room. The January 8th class is an orientation. Breaks will be taken April 2nd and July 2nd with three additional dates to be determined. The cost for the reading and workbooks is $40. You can sign-up in the Church Office or call Rev. Jeri at 858-273-1480.