County Covid Update 
The weekly report from San Diego County shows that the current surge of cases is on the decline. Consequently, we anticipate that the likelihood of transmission during Sunday morning worship will also decline further in the coming weeks, so please feel encouraged to attend worship in person as desired.

If you’d like to read the County’s report, you can find it here.


St. Mark’s Masking Policy 
St. Mark’s will no longer be requiring masks to be worn by worship attendees in the sanctuary. It is still recommended that attendees of indoor, public worship wear masks to protect themselves and others. 

Though this will come as good news to some, it will also be a source of discouragement to others, so we ask that all would extend generous grace to one another in this transition. Removing our masks does not mean we are no longer at risk, and for some this will make attendance in person more prohibitive. 

The physical distancing section will remain available to any who choose to be seated there on Sundays and during other events in the sanctuary.  The choir and any vocalists will also remain masked at this time. Some private or special events may choose to impose greater restrictions which will be communicated on an case by case basis. 

If you have questions or concerns, please call the front office or contact

We are grateful for the opportunity to be together in loving and compassionate community, and will continue to seek first to do no harm as we care for our neighbors as ourselves. 

Although our mask policy has changed, please do not come to worship or the church office if:

  • You have tested positive for COVID in the past 5 days AND have not received a negative test on or after day 5, or have symptoms that are not subsiding
  • You have been exposed to someone who tested positive in the past 5 days AND are not fully vaccinated (including booster if eligible) AND have not had a negative test result 5-7 days after first exposure.
  • You are presenting with cold or flu symptoms: runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache, body aches, fever, etc.