Messenger 7.9.19


From the Preacher

Dear Church,

As a busy and productive person by nature, the Mary and Martha passage in Luke 10:38-42 has always disturbed me. How can it be that Jesus would praise Mary’s lazy behavior when Martha is slaving away and taking care of chores in the house? Possibly even making food for this guest who is criticizing her! 

But if there is one lesson I have learned over and over again throughout my adult life, is that my busy-ness and productivity have often prevented the loved ones in my life from being loved. This has been especially true with my 3-year-old. He honestly does not care if our house is clean, if the dinner is well-prepared, or if our finances are in order. The only thing he cares about, the only thing that makes him feel cherished is my undivided. attention. for. him. 

We don’t change all that much as we age. Let’s talk more about this idea this Sunday. 

Until then, much love. 

Rev. Lydia 



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From the Pastor 7-2-19

Dear friends,

The other week my husband and I saw the film The Biggest Little Farm.  In this film a couple decide to take a leap of faith and begin a journey of a lifetime.  Little did they know what an unusual journey their decision would take them on.   Yet that is usually what happens when we follow our dreams, we go on amazing journeys filled with joys and sorrows.

Our scripture this coming week from 2 Kings is also about someone taking a leap of faith. Naaman, the commander of an army has the respect of the king, but he also has leprosy.  His one dream is to be rid of the disease he is afflicted with and this sends him on a journey filled with joy and sorrow. 

Life has always been filled with joys and sorrows.  The Bible is filled such events, yet we are still taken by surprise when they happen to us.  We become dismayed, elated, dismayed, and elated again all because we are part of this grand adventure called life.  Thankfully we are not alone in this
adventure; we are God’s people and God does not abandon us.  Life will always be filled with joys and sorrows, but God promises to faithfully love and provide for us.  Sometimes we have to look beyond our own expectations to see how God is working, and when we do, we will see God’s work on our behalf. 

This Sunday you are invited to come to church, no matter how you feel, as we share God’s message of hope.  Afterwards we will give thanks for God’s provisions as we share Holy Communion together.  Everyone is invited. 
Everyone is welcomed.  Everyone is included.  Come, let’s share this amazing journey of life together.








From the Pastor 6-25-19

Dear Church,

The title of my sermon for this upcoming Sunday is, “Oh No! He’s Gone!” And you know who I’m talking about. Rev. Craig led our Sunday morning worship for the last time this past Sunday and we, I’m sure, are still processing the fact that he’s gone. How can that be? It’ll take me a while to accept this as well, no doubt. 

Funnily enough, the Old Testament Lectionary passage that was
assigned for this Sunday comes out of 2 Kings and it’s the story where Elijah, long time mentor of Elisha, leaves Elisha and goes back to God.
Elisha is freaked out, probably similar to how the disciples felt after
Jesus left. 

Now, I don’t want to idolize Craig by comparing him with Jesus or Elijah but there is definitely a strong similarity in that, sometimes, we can get very dependent upon one leader figure to provide us with a sense of security and comfort. And we get frazzled and shaken up when those whom we depend upon to guide us leave.

This is a common theme in the Bible and it’s so because it’s a common theme in life. People whom we love, adore, and who guide us eventually leave us at some point or another. Those times are hard, but they are also little openings for us to recognize our own power and all of the skills they have imparted to us. 

We have completed the Easter season and are now in the Pentecost season, where God gave us this great, great gift–the holy spirit, who shows us that power, wisdom and leadership lives within all of us, not in one single person. The power of leadership and forging ahead never lies and never has lied with a particular person, no matter how
charismatic they are. The message of the Bible is that it lives within every single individual and is magnified within a group of people. In the case of the New Testament, this group is us–the church.

Let us remember this good news together this Sunday. Hope to see you there. 

In this together, always,

Rev. Lydia 

Messenger 6.4.19