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Hygiene Kits for Asylum Seekers 12/2018

Hygiene Kits

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EAT and PLAY: Ages >12 on November 20th!

Good news for working parents: You can now drop off your 6th-12th graders early for the Eat and Play youth event on Tuesday, Nov. 20th. Starting at 9 a.m., two of our Sunday School teachers are offering an open game time for youth in Room 10.

At noon gather in the Social Hall for the wonderful UMW Thanksgiving Potluck.

From 1:30-8 p.m., for $20 enjoy unlimited Laser Tag, climbing wall, ropes course, and the new 7D experience at Belmont Park. Space is limited and pre-registration required. Please contact Kris at for more info!


January 15, 2019

Do you save your good underwear to wear on trips?  Years ago I remember friends of my parents got into a car accident while on a weekend vacation.  They weren’t seriously hurt, but one of them confessed to my mother how embarrassed she was that she was wearing tattered underwear.

We want to make a good impression on people, and so we like to save our “good stuff” for special occasions.  Sometimes the stuff gets quite old while we are waiting for a special-enough occasion.  I hope we don’t save our “good stuff” because we feel like we don’t deserve  it.  Or don’t deserve it right now.

Do you have a bottle or two of wine that are too good for you, but that you’re saving for a special occasion?  Maybe you got them for Christmas?  In 2012?

The Gospel story in John about the wedding at Cana is when Jesus famously turns water into wine.  When the chief steward of the household tastes the wine, he says this to the groom; “Everyone serves the good wine first, and then the inferior wine after the guests have become drunk.  But you have kept the good wine until now.”

Jesus didn’t just create one bottle of wine.  There were six large jars that held water for the Jewish rite of purification.  And there was enough water to purify 200,000 people, and it all became wine.

The writer of the Gospel of John tells stories of many signs that Jesus performed.  In this, the first of these stories, we learn about abundance.  The servants fill the jars “up to the brim,” even though it was far more wine than the wedding guests could ever consume.  And that’s the point.  Even though it was much more than they needed, the servants still fill the jars completely full.

As Mennonite Pastor Joanna Harader puts it, “when the miracle
occurs, it’s not a miracle to make ends meet, to help the couple
manage.  It’s a miracle of abundance.  Gallons and gallons of good wine, wine that impresses the steward.  Wine that reveals the glory of God.”

There is so much of it that we don’t have to wait for a “special”
occasion.  This abundance is for us, right now.

See you in church!


November 13 2018


October 30, 2018


October 30, 2018

Dear friends,

My husband and I returned home this past Sunday from a week-long vacation. Like a good traveler, before we left home we made all the necessary preparations for our houseguests and dog, we checked the weather for our destination, and packed accordingly. After church on Oct. 21, leaving all our cares to God, we called for a ride downtown. When we arrived at our launch point we grabbed the luggage but lost a cell phone. We called and reported the mishap in hopes the phone would be waiting for us when we arrive home. As for the trip, oh well, no need for phones where we are going.

As we walked to our check-in point we heard faint rumblings and then the confirmation message – our destination had been changed that morning due to a hurricane off the coast of Mexico. We were heading north, not south. Oh no! Did we pack appropriately? No matter, we could buy sweatshirts if we needed them. We boarded our ship, found our cabin, and met our cabin stewards. They offered support to us as we began this journey. The whole crew was there if we needed anything. Personal assurance is wonderful when headed to destinations unplanned.

Rarely does life turn out as we expect it to. We make plans and then something happens. Maybe it’s a diagnosis, a financial upheaval, the loss of a family member or partner. Many of you personally know what I’m talking about. I’ve talked with you about the losses and changes you have experienced. Your plans, your expectations, your pain… Nothing can prepare you for these events, but scripture tells us that Jesus offers support as you make your journeys. God and the priesthood of all believers are there if you need anything. Personal assurance is wonderful as you head to destinations unplanned.

This next Sunday we, like many others, will remember those who are absent from the body and present with the Lord as we observe All Saints Day. We will read names, say prayers, celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and light candles remembering those who shared their faith with us. I invite you to come and remember their faith as they faced life and all its reorientation. I invite you to come and give thanks for those who have touched your life in assuring ways. I invite you to come and be with those who, like you, feel God’s presence in the lives of others. Together we will move forward in Jesus’ name.

I hope to see you in church,