St. Mark’s Nursery School

St. Mark’s has been serving children and their families since 1968. Our goals, like your goals, are to enliven and engage your child within a loving community, inspire curiosity, and to educate and encourage a positive self-image and an “I can!” attitude. St. Mark’s is a happy place. An active place. A loving place to grow.

Here at St. Mark’s you’ll find programs for:

  • Infants
    Our part-time infant care is planned for the care of six infants, ages 4 to 18 months, with our two highly-trained caregivers. Read more »
  • Toddlers
    Our part-time toddler program provides care, socialization, and education led by two teachers for twelve children ages 18 to 30 months each weekday. Read more »
  • Nursery School
    Our nursery school program, ages 30 months to kindergarten entry, approaches children as unique individuals who are curious about everything.  Read more »

Our programs have been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Our program is open to people of all backgrounds. We are a community service of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, whose members planned the program and opened our doors in September of 1968.

Please drop by for information or to tour the program any weekday after 9:30 AM.

School Telephone: 858-273-1489

Testimonial from a St. Mark’s Nursery School Parent:

This is where you want your child to be when they’re not with you. The love, leadership, and overall passion for young children can be felt on your first visit, every visit, and on every level. It really has its own magic. My son goes to school happy and comes home happier, and says “I love school.” That’s all I need. I wish there was room for a 40 year old student!

I am so pleased my son has the opportunity to learn, explore, play, make first friendships and bloom under the roof of St. Marks. I have great gratitude and appreciation for every person that works there and makes it happen. I will always remember, and beam, when I think of his preschool experience.

Thanks St. Marks!!!

Tiffany G.